It is the First and only wellness destination in the North of India to offer the true tenets and authentic practices of Ayurveda to its guests..and it is just under two hours away from Delhi, which makes Namaste Dwaar the perfect setting for those who wish to take their wellbeing to the next level

Created with a purpose, Namaste Dwaar reconnects you back to natural world, and takes you to the setting where your wellness, personal growth, and happiness can re-emerge. Within this serene environment, our unique property encompasses everything that you can desire for relaxation: from lush green lands to stroll in, to our state of the art gymnasium and wellness centers,we ensure that you get the perfect space to rejuvenate yourself all year round.

Why choose Rural India for Wellness?

Rural India has harboured the prosperity of our past, and it now harbours the prosperity of our present and future.

The village has preserved the most fundamental aspects of our culture and traditions, especially so in the spheres of art and wellness…more importantly, Rural India has preserved and protected the ancient practices of Ayurveda which are now essential for healing the seemingly endless ailments associated with modern-day living – sedentary lifestyles, processed foods, lack of fresh air and sunshine are just a few reasons why people in urban areas are finding it hard to remain at the peak of their wellness

The village reinforces the importance of simple and calm living, and brings attention back to the time in which all humans were completely in sync with nature, and therefore truly benefited from it. The only way back to a life of peace, tranquillity, and longevity is through the rural route.

Our Mission

The village has preserved the most fundamental aspects of our culture and Our mission with Namaste Dwaar is to preserve the authenticity of two of India’s most powerful components, both of which rely heavily on the natural world, as well as on each other: these are Ayurveda and India’s Villages. We offer a uniquely invigorating natural setting, a rich architectural structure to complement the luxurious property, the most authentic treatments of Ayurveda in the North of India, and most importantly, when combined all together, an impactful experience unlike any other.


The Architect

One of the most gifted architects India has to present, Mr. Sachdeva is the mastermind behind some of India’s most inspiring architectural works including the Garden of Five Senses, the famous Dilli Haat Buildings, and now Namaste Dwaar. Mr. Sachdeva has created something truly remarkable and unique in Uttar Pradesh. With a key focus on sustainable architecture, the infrastructure of Namaste Dwaar was designed so that it could coexist with the ecosystem, while simultaneously complimenting the aesthetic of the surrounding regions. Having taken into consideration to the distinctive villages of UP, this property serves to showcase the traditional art forms that are at risk of being lost in this age of modernization and urban development.

The architecture of Namaste Dwaar draws inspiration from the older buildings of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan. The brickwork uses Lakhori Bricks - a smaller brick used in historic buildings, with lime mortar or chuna that allows the building skin to breathe. Since this type of brick is no longer in distribution, all bricks made for this property were specially recreated based on bricks which had been preserved within the family. The brick architecture has been complimented with elements typical of the surrounding region including cement jaalis, ornamental pillars and arches. Furthermore, traditional art from Madhubani, Rajasthan, and Gujarat have been used to enhance indoor spaces, and exquisite stone carved statues from Odisha have been curated to adorn the blossoming landscapes.