Holistic Healing the Natural Way


Namaste Group is proud to partner with Kairali Ayurvedic Group, one of the most reputed wellness practitioners across pan-India. Established in 1908, Kairali has since been a pioneer in spreading authentic Ayurveda across the globe. Their award-winning Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad has set the standard for wellness retreats worldwide, and now, with this new destination, Namaste Kairali will revolutionize the modern Ayurvedic wellness experience by providing enjoyable activities with nature that enhance positive feelings and healing.

In addition to its preventative therapies, Namaste Kairali offers a novel focus on relieving the negative ailments associated with modern-day living – some of the main areas of focus are: stress and its related illnesses, stomach conditions, migraines, knee pain, back pain, weight issues, detoxes, and skin problems, all of which can be properly addressed with natural methods. We also offer extensive treatments in panchakarma, nervous disabilities, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, as well as revitalizing and strengthening treatments for cancer patients.

Ayurvedic Therapies

Namaste Kairali offers a vast range of Ayurvedic treatments which use the most distinguished techniques that emerged from Ancient India; these practices have been passed down from generation to generation and only few possess the skills to perform them now in their most authentic form.


Ayurvedic Programs

Our specialized programs, which tackle everything from stress to weight loss, are designed around the traditional practices which are best suited for the specific health aims of the individual.


Ayurvedic Beauty & Skin Care

Our deluxe treatments harness traditional Ayurvedic skin healing methods to nourish the skin, rejuvenate the body, while enhancing your natural beauty from within.


Holistic Healing the Natural Way

Why Namaste Kairali- The Ayurvedic Wellness Village?

Situated amongst the lush green farmlands of Uttar Pradesh, Namaste Kairali invites you to travel back to the rural sectors of Northern India to experience true wellness. Within our grand property, our elegant guest rooms are adorned with handcrafted objects and decorations to further enhance the purity of the rural lands, and these traditional elements are paired with modern comforts to provide our guests with the most comfortable and pleasurable stay. To further enhance the wellness experience, a private furnished balcony overlooking the fields of grass and trees allows for peace and tranquillity to ensue throughout your stay.

Namaste Kairali is under two hours away from New Delhi, which makes the Wellness Village perfectly situated to offer authentic Ayurveda sessions to those needing single and recurring treatments. Our locale gives flexibility to our guests when deciding on therapies, offers greater accessibility for long-term treatments, and most importantly, we provide a way for natural wellness to become a part of your actual life rather than simply offering a one-time remedy to you. Created to ensure that your complete wellness emerges, we are encompassed by nature and set the ideal environment which creates harmony within you.