Namaste Dwaar : An Eco Luxury Resort


Namaste Dwaar

A gateway to Rural India

Namaste Dwaar

A gateway to Rural India


We at Namaste Dwaar aim at making making our guests feel rested, pampered, rejuvenated, joyful. And we know ‘joy’ means different things to different people. 

Spa and Ayurveda

Namaste Dwaar has an extensive wellness facility with qualified Ayush doctors and practitioners waiting to provide a variety of detox and total body rejuvenation packages. These include Panchakarma, Weight Management, the Vedic Acupressure Kayakalpa Treatment, Vedic Healing, Pain Management and Vedic Acupressure Full Body Detox, among others. We have a proven record of treating patients with arthritis and diabetes and seen many who came back in wheelchairs, walk back home!

We also have a tie-up with with renowned Santhigiri Ashram of Kerala and offer Siddha  free consultation with doctors for whole range of Ayurvedic treatments.


What would a luxury resort be without a sprawling swimming pool? The pool and the kiddy pool are surrounded by pristine greens on three sides. The fourth houses a rustic thatched roof activity corner with comfortable seating for all.

The swimming pool area is a popular venue for “Yog and Meditation by the water” activities in the mornings and is specially popular with our overseas guests. The venue transforms into a popular party spot as it comes alive with music and lighting and food and festivities. 

A place for serenity and jubilation in equal measure!

Organic Gardens

Organic Gardens at Namaste Dwaar were developed with a understanding towards preserving the health of the soil as well of those who consume its produce. India called the Earth, ‘mother’. It is in recognition of the fact that the earth provides nourishment and needs to be tilled and handled with respect.

Not only is the fresh produce from these gardens used in food in our Satvik Kitchen, herbs grown are used to make medicated oils for Vedic Acupressure and other naturopathy treatments on campus.

Satvik Kitchen

The Satvik kitchen forms an integral part of our wellness experience. What you eat is what you become, what you eat here is prescribed by your doctors for your specific doshas. Our Satvik kitchen encourages experimenting with tastes in a way that promotes health and wellbeing, its surrounding encouraging you to be mindful of what you put in your mouth, what makes your tatva.

But fear not, the food is so tasty that we get bookings just because people want to eat at the Satvik kitchen!

Chakra and Machaan

Chakra specializes in delicious Indian preparations served in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere – the indulgent food paired with a view of our gardens makes this the perfect place for dining with friends and family.

Right along side is The Machaan Lounge whose soothing ambiance, exceptional service, and elegant arrangements have made it a go-to place for our regulars who come to wind down after a hectic week at work. 

Members of our Namaste Club get special discounts at both Chakra and Machaan.


The Westview terrace is an extension of Fursat bar which allows for you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style. It has the best view of the pool and gardens.

Enjoy premium drinks under the stars at night and fresh juice and snacks during the day.

This prime location accommodates up to 20 guests and can be reserved for private events.

Conference Hall

Our conference hall has state-of-the-art facilities – projector and air-conditioning but they have been re-imagined to incorporate a rustic feel with comfortable muddas chairs to sit on with comfy takiyas by your side.

In-room catering is available and there is always the option of taking a break, and walking through the gardens to release stress and overcome mental blocks.

Indoor Games

Ever been in a place where the youngsters finish eating and you want to continue spending some more time at the dinner table?

The indoor games section right next to Chakra has billiards, a whole range of card and board games, some that have been forgotten by the tide of time!

A lovely happy place for bonding and some friendly competitive matches.

14 restaurants

The entire property features a variety of restaurants catering to a variety of tastes. Apart from the famous McDonalds and Haldirams, we have Naivedyam – the New Delhi favourite famous for offering pure flavours, big servings and showcasing traditional decor curated from the South. Another popular destination is the Gaarvi Rasoi offering authentic thaalis from Rajasthan and Gujarat, this taste is a must-have if you are staying with us.

But of course, do not miss the Chat ki Gali (authentic Indian street food prepared with utmost importance given to hygiene) and Chai ki Nukkad for a flavorful tea in the mornings.

Halls and Banquet

We offer a variety of venues for our guests to be able to hold parties, celebrations, events and get togethers. Apart from the expansive gardens you can reserve:

  • Utsav Banquet Hall – 3250 square feet
  • Machaan Lounge – 4300 square feet
  • Fursat Bar, and the
  • Prakriti Yoga Hall – 1450 square feet
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