Namaste Dwaar : An Eco Luxury Resort


Namaste Dwaar

A gateway to Rural India

Namaste Dwaar

A gateway to Rural India

Namaste Dwaar

An Eco Luxury Wellness Resort

We at Namaste Dwaar bring you old world hospitality, luxurious accommodation and excellent facilities – spa, swimming pool, Ayurveda, organic gardens, indoor and outdoor games, 14 restaurants with different cuisines and a variety of experiences!

We believe that our guests deserve the best. That if you are tired, you deserve a break in whatever way you imagine – be it through curated pampering – head to toe massages and mud packs, or quiet contemplation perhaps, nature walks and yog, or a dinner in the open with a friend, or jubilant recreation, bonfires and parties, or sleeping through the day and watching the quiet village sky by the night!

That if you want to celebrate in a cozy private way, we should be able to provide facilities for that, as much as, we would for a gala event overflowing with festivities and grandeur!

Is that an office training session you want to organize? A high profile meeting with the best of your best? Closed door conferences? Off-sites?

Or perhaps you want to travel on a bullock cart through lush sugarcane fields, having matta at the house of a dadi you have just met! Perhaps you want to have golgappas in breakfast, dosa for lunch and a burger at night! We should be able to offer all that and everything else in between!

Do you know the best part – we do!

Revive . Rejuvenate . Reconnect


“You recreate yourself, when you relax.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

Like all luxury resorts it aims to pamper you with the best of comfort and amenities, but that’s not where we stop. We are a “eco” luxury resort, built in an old world charm, in curated fine taste, using fine breathable eco-friendly material,  and elements borrowed from the design vernacular of Uttar Pradesh. Our large and  spacious accommodation options immediately take away the uncurbed stress of modern living and constraint lifestyles. Vintage lights,  timbered ceilings give the space warmth and incredible views of the countryside root it the landscape. Just taking a full breath is bound to revive you!


The entire universe according to the ancients is made of the Pancha Mahabhoota – Vayu, Jala, Aakash, Prithvi and Teja.

We offer the full range of authentic ayurveda and wellness therapies in association with the famous Santhigiri Ashram of Kerala. Our facility hosts expert Ayush doctors and wellness practitioners, qualified Yoga teachers and meditation guides, and you transport to a different world as you walk along our organic gardens and taste our exquisite Satvik cuisine.


Take a tractor ride through the villages around us, let us treat you to fresh ganne ka ras from the sugarcane belt of India! Immerse your hands in clay with our resident potter, plant saplings with your children, make memories spinning yarn! Wander – let us take you to Haiderpur wetlands, a UNESCO Ramsar site spread over an area of 6908 hectares – walk, cycle, take a boat ride! Pray – we will organise a private Ganga Aarti for just you and yours! Or perhaps let us take you to Basilica-Shrine of Our Lady of Graces, Sardhana, also known as Churches among the Churches, dedicated to Virgin Mary and built over 200 years ago!

We offer curated experiences for our guests. Experience Dwaar the way you want to!

Stay with us

Namaste Dwaar was conceptualised by the master architect Late Shri Pradeep Sachdeva of Dilli Haat and Garden of Five Senses fame. This was his last project and carries all his signature styles. The striking boutique resort features 8 different styles of guest accommodation — each distinct in its own way but speaking the same design language.


Spa and Ayurveda

Namaste Dwaar has an extensive wellness facility with qualified Ayush doctors and practitioners waiting to provide a variety of detox and total body rejuvenation packages. We have a proven record of…


A large pool (and a kiddy pool) surrounded by beautiful gardens and an activities arena. The place extends itself to yoga by the pool activities in the mornings and the best of party experiences at night!

Organic Gardens

Wellness in Ayurveda relaxes the senses and cleans the insides. Not only are we able to offer fresh food in our sativk kitchen thanks to  these extensive organic gardens, we grow a variety of herbs used in medicated oils prepared on the spot.

Satvik Kitchen

The satvik kitchen forms an integral part of our wellness experience. What you eat is what you become, what you eat here is prescribed by your doctors for your specific doshas, but fear not, the food is so tasty that we get bookings just because people want to eat at the Satvik kitchen!


Chakra specializes in delicious Indian preparations served in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere – the indulgent food paired with a view of our gardens makes this the perfect place for dining with friends and family.


Take a drink as you look at green fields sitting comfortably in our open air bar area, order a whole range of finger foods – talk, dream, make a million insta worthy memories!

Conference Hall

Our conference hall has state-of-the-art facilities – projector and air-conditioning but they have been re-imagined to incorporate a rustic feel with comfortable muddas chairs to sit on with comfy takiyas by your side. Do it different, do it right!

Indoor Games

Ever been in a place where the youngsters finish eating and you want to continue spending some more time at the dinner table? The indoor games section right next to Chakra has billiards, a whole range of board games and more!

Things to do

Dwaar is a spread over campus, so much so that it takes a good half an hour just to take a tour of the entire property. While Ayurveda, Vedic Accupressure, Naturopathy and Yoga form the gamut of our wellness experience we encourage you to partake in rural life, art & culture to make your experience more whole. Click here to know more.

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