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Conference Hall

Conference Hall

The Perfect Venue for Your Next Conference

Step into a world where modern technology meets rustic charm, where state-of-the-art facilities blend seamlessly with cozy comforts. Our conference hall is more than just a space, it is an experience designed to inspire and invigorate your team. With a perfect fusion of convenience and relaxation, we’ve reimagined the ordinary to create an extraordinary atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Unveiling the Rustic Renaissance

A Rustic Touch, A Modern Twist

Embrace the best of both worlds as our conference hall marries contemporary amenities with a rustic ambiance. Picture this: our walls are adorned with wooden accents and glow warmly on the proceedings. The air-conditioning system, discreetly integrated, ensures a comfortable environment without sacrificing the rustic atmosphere.


Mudda Chairs: Comfort Elevated

Our conference hall offers a unique seating experience with custom crafted and padded mudda chairs. Sink into their plush cushions and let your creativity flow freely. These chairs provide the perfect blend of support and relaxation, allowing attendees to focus and feel at ease throughout the event.


Comfy Takiyas: Your Trusty Companion

Imagine having your very own cozy takiya, a cushioned sidekick by your side. Our conference hall takes comfort to the next level by providing takiyas for every participant. Whether you’re engrossed in a presentation or engaged in a lively discussion, these soft pillows ensure you feel at home.

Catering: Fueling Inspiration

In-Room Culinary Delights

Don’t let hunger distract you from the main event. Our in-room catering service will tantalize your taste buds with delicious culinary creations. From energizing snacks options to afternoon tea breaks, your cravings are covered, ensuring you stay focused and fueled throughout the conference


Gardens: A Breath of Fresh Air to Ignite New Ideas

Sometimes, all you need to overcome mental blocks is a change of scenery. Our venue boasts stunning gardens that offer a serene escape from the quickness of the conference. So stroll through the lush greenery, soak in the beauty and allow nature’s tranquility to wash away stress and rejuvenate your mind.

Book Your Rustic Retreat Today!

Immerse yourself in a conference experience like no other. Discover the perfect blend of modern convenience and rustic charm in our thoughtfully reimagined conference hall. Whether you’re hosting a business gathering, a training session or a creative workshop, our venue will provide the ideal backdrop to inspire, engage and connect.


Refrain from settling for ordinary. Instead, choose our rustic oasis and elevate your conference to extraordinary heights. Contact us to secure your date and let the magic unfold in our reimagined space.