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Our Story


Our mission is to preserve the authenticity of India’s most powerful healing components: Village life, Ayurveda and Yoga.

We owe our very existence  to nature and to the environment that makes us who we are. It is only natural that we feel protective towards it. Nature, heritage and culture form the base of any environment – you start unraveling any one and the entire fabric would fall apart in no time! We at Namaste Dwaar believe that the stress of modern living should not be allowed to take away the essence of our being. This is the reason behind creating an “Eco Luxury” resort, we do not want to take you away from your comfort zone, but we still want you to feel close to your roots, integrated with the oneness of it all.

We have planted an abundance of flowering plants and trees to promote green cover and to encourage the preservation of biodiversity; we have also developed our own organic farms so that we can grow produce free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides while ensuring that our soil remains healthy while securing yields for years to come.

We have replaced regular garbage bins with specific waste disposal baskets (green for ecowaste, red for plastic, and blue for compost). We limit plastic usage in our property and the upcycling of products also plays a major role in reducing our carbon footprint on the environment. Moreover, conserving water and electricity is extremely important for our facility and we have implemented the STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) for this purpose.

The main building of Namaste Dwaar incorporates green features including insulated external walls and highly insulated windows, that help improve thermal comfort and reduce energy consumption.

One of the most gifted architects India has had, the late Mr. Pradeep Sachdeva is the mastermind behind some of India’s most inspiring architectural works. With a key focus on sustainable architecture, the infrastructure of Namaste Dwaar was designed so that it could coexist with the ecosystem, while simultaneously complementing the aesthetic of the surrounding regions. He and his team traveled to nearby villages for inspiration and that’s how Namaste Dwaar was built.

This project was his last and is a tribute to his craftsmanship. Mr. Pradeep Sachdeva himself had grown up in Meerut and this is where his last work stands, with many Sachdeva signatures and elements borrowed from the design vernacular of Uttar Pradesh*.

“I wanted to build something that is rooted in our rural way of life,” says Arvind Rathi, founder of Namaste Holidays, the company behind Namaste Dwaar. Mansurpur is home for Mr. Rathi and his family and Namaste Dwaar is his way of giving back to his roots. “What would you say forms the soul of India?”, he asks, …

“it is not the culture ingrained in our villages – sustainability, warmth, simplicity? Is it not the powerful Ayurveda techniques and potions passed over from time immemorial, or Yog – self healing that we are forgetting as we are forgetting our own selves in the busyness of life… I wanted to build a place that brought together these three ideologies.”

Arvind Rathi, founder of Namaste Holidays