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Indoor Games

Indoor Games

Welcome to the Ultimate Hangout Spot!

At Namaste Dwaar, we’ve got the perfect solution to keep the good times rolling. Introducing our exciting indoor games section called the Game Zone, a haven for fun and friendly competition. Enjoy our AR Racing Simulators, games on the Playstation 4 such as Fifa, Table Tennis and more!

Unleash Your Competitive Spirit!

Tucked away next to Chakra, our indoor games section is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a casual player, we’ve got something for everyone. So get ready to dive into the world of thrilling billiards, where every shot is an opportunity to showcase your skills. So rack them up, aim true and sink those balls like a champ!

Rekindle Nostalgia with Classic Card and Board Games

We’ve got you covered. Our indoor games section is a treasure trove of forgotten classics that will transport you back in time. From timeless card games like Poker and Rummy to strategic board games like Chess and Scrabble, we’ve curated a collection that will ignite your competitive spirit.

A Happy Place for Bonding and Laughter

Namaste Dwaar‘s Game Zone is about the games and the experience. So gather your loved ones, huddle around a table and let the laughter and banter fill the air. Create new memories and strengthen bonds as you engage in thrilling matches and lighthearted competition.

Unwind, Relax and Stay a Little Longer

After a delicious meal at Chakra, extend your visit and let the games carry you into a world of endless entertainment. Our indoor games section provides the perfect setting to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Lose yourself in the excitement of the game, forget your worries and savor every moment of relaxation and enjoyment.

Make Namaste Dwaar Your Ultimate Hangout Spot

We have it all when finding a place that caters to all your needs. From mouthwatering cuisine to exhilarating indoor games, we’ve created an environment where you can eat, play and bond to your heart’s content. So gather your friends, bring your competitive spirit and make Namaste Dwaar your go-to hangout spot.

Take advantage of the chance to experience the joy of friendly competition and quality time with loved ones. Visit our indoor games section today and let the games begin!