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Namaste Dwaar

A gateway to Rural India

Namaste Dwaar

A gateway to Rural India

Things To Do

Namaste Dwaar offers a variety of unique in-house experiences.
We also encourage you to explore the many places of interest around us.
Get in touch with the front desk to arrange bespoke tours and picnics for you and yours.

Morning Havan

The morning Havan at Namaste Dwaar is a favourite amongst guests.

Havan, Yagya, or Homa is referred to as a fire ritual, where we provide herbal sacrifices to the holy fire. The fire is said to destroy the offering and purify the environment. The chanting of mantras creates a revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on body and mind.

At Namaste Dwaar we offer a daily Havan to the divine. The Havan Kund is located in the wellness wing. It is surrounded by pristine greens, the Ayurveda-shalas, and the Satvik Kitchen. It is close to the organic farms as well.

Many of our guests partake in the daily Havan ritual, some for faith and some out of curiosity. Each leaves fulfilled and peaceful.

Yoga Training

NIYA – Namaste Institute of Yoga & Ayurveda, 1450 sq feet Prakriti Yoga Hall and dedicated Yoga Teachers

The Namaste Institute of Yoga & Ayurveda (NIYA) offers 200 & 240-hour Teacher Training Courses. With a dedicated focus on authenticity, NIYA provides YTTC certification by the US based Yoga Alliance so you can learn, teach and spread yoga around the world.

We also have a tie-up with the esteemed Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (DSVV) have created a powerful educational system based on scientific spirituality which aims to cultivate a culture of ethical, moral and spiritual transformation for its students. DSVV ensures that all our students acquire a complete understanding of the true tenets and principles of these ancient bodies of wisdom.

Organic Farming

Our organic farm prioritizes healthy soil, healthy produce, and a healthy environment for our guests.

In addition to picking fresh produce to be used in your meals, we will teach you how to seed, grow and cook mindfully so that you can continue to have healthy meals at home. We also offer tree planting so that you can create new traditions with your loved ones.

Namaste Haat

Helping to sustain a timeless tradition, we honor the rich history of Indian artisans who have mastered their crafts through patience, practice, and hard work.

Since crafts have always been an integral part to the Indian ethos, and since art is something that stems through all facets of rural life, our property not only showcases craftsmanship but provides an experiential facility for it. Inspired by the rural market place, the Namaste Haat is an experiential facility that allows for you to interact with and learn from local craft makers. We have various types of skilled artisans from all over India for you to engage with: potters, weavers, carpenters, metalworkers, amongst a number of other crafts-makers, are always available to show and teach you their skills! Pottery and spinning yard are great hit with youngsters and children of all ages.

Ganga Aarti

Ganga Aarti is perhaps the most important event related to the holy river. It involves the offering puja to the river Ganga by chanting of hymns, offering her fire and flower. The idea is to show gratitude and respect to the river, and ask for her blessings.

The grand Ganga Aarti at Rishikesh and Haridwar are a busy affair. We are blessed to have the Ganga pass close to our property at a distance of about 10 minutes. We organise private Ganga Aarti for patrons to pray in peace. It is especially a hit with families wanting our elders to attend the ceremony without subjecting them to the crowds of the busy cities.

Countryside Picnics

We are surrounded by lush farmlands and villages. We offer you to spend a day in the farms, with the village folk and reconnect with a simple way of living.

For all those who have grown up listening to stories of village life from the elders in the family, for all those whose children think milk comes from “mother dairy”, for all those who would like to slow down for a day and witness life at a different pace. Another favorite with our guests.

Haiderpur Wetlands

Haiderpur wetland is a UNESCO Ramsar site located near the Bijnor Ganga Barrage within the Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh, India.

India is a bird watcher and nature lover’s paradise and Haiderpur Wetlands, known as the Hidden Jewel of Uttar Pradesh, is located about an hour from Namaste Dwaar. This marvelous and undisturbed location has preserved the critical habitat needed to attract over 50,000 migratory birds in the wintertime. There is a walking trail as you venture out with your binoculars and  Bi-cycles are available on hire on the spot. You may also take boating rides to go on an adventure to spot the incredible freshwater Gangetic Dolphins. We help guests with the iternary, guides, and to and fro travel arrangements.

Sardhana Church

Sardhana Church is the Basilica of Our Lady of Graces, also known as the Church among the Churches is the largest church and the only minor basilica in the entire North Indian region.

Built in 1822 by the architect Antonio Reghellini who based this after the St. Peter’s basilica in Rome, the Church is dedicated to Virgin Mary. We help guests with the iternary, guides, and to and fro travel arrangements.


Namaste Dwaar offers you a visit to the luring charms of Haridwar and Rishikesh along with the wildlife sanctuary at Hastinapur.

There are also walking paths for you to use and a Buddha corner for morning meditation. For those who wish to venture out, we offer yoga in the farmlands, nature walks into the sugarcane fields, and bullock cart rides on rustic roads.

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